‘Attack On Titan’ May Be Leaving The Netflix Library In 2019
17th December 2018

‘Attack On Titan’ is currently scheduled for removal from Netflix next month.

Netflix has been hard at work trying to expand the Asian content – including anime – currently in their library. The streaming giant has been doing this through a combination of buying rights to content that currently exists and creating new content.

Attack on Titan was a huge anime get for the streaming giant and a huge tool Netflix used to promote the fact that they had hot and current anime in their streaming library. There are many who speculate the addition of the series to the Netflix streaming library is party why the series became so popular.

It wouldn’t be the first time the popularity of a series was credited to Netflix. While it isn’t an anime, Showtime’s hit series Shameless experienced a sudden growth in followers after being added to the Netflix streaming library, as it exposed the series to a lot of people who didn’t have a Showtime subscription or cable.

Per What’s on Netflix, this hot anime series may be at risk for removal next year.

Attack on Titan is Currently Scheduled for Removal

Unfortunately, Attack on Titan is slated for removal on January 3 of next year. What’s On Netflix, however, did clarify the anime series is not on the official list of titles being removed from the streaming library, so there is a small possibility a deal or contract is currently being worked out to keep the series on Netflix.

What’s Attack on Titan About?

For those who are unfamiliar with this particular anime, Attack on Titan is based on a manga called Shingeki no Kyojin written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan has risen to be one of the most popular franchises in the last decade. What makes things even better for fans of the series, is the manga is still in production with releases on a monthly basis.

The series tells the story of a future world where what is left from humanity is forced to live behind huge walls to hide from Titans. According to the backstory, the Titans arrived on earth a century before the series takes place nearly wiping out the entire planet. Titans are massive creatures that destroy structures and feast on humans.

At the beginning of the series, an exceptionally large Titan is able to break through Wall Maria and eat the mother of Eren Jaeger (one of the main characters of the series).

Eren vows to do what he has to get revenge on the massive Titan that took his mother from him. And, the story progresses from there.

Unfortunately, all fans really know at this time is that Attack on Titan is slated to be removed from the Netflix library next month. Only time will tell if Netflix is working out a deal to retain rights to continue to stream the series.

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