Astrologer shares most important piece of advice for each zodiac sign
19th November 2023

One thing that is guaranteed in life is that everyone will face obstacles and difficulties – albeit different ones.

But according to one astrologer, there are things the star signs can do to make things easier.

Jessica Adams spoke exclusively to about what three zodiac signs can do to improve their lives.

Offering her “biggest piece of advice” for Aries (March 21 to April 19), Jessica suggested working on communication style, perhaps in romantic relationships.

She said: “Aries, the zodiac sign Libra the scales of balance rules your one-on-one relationships. They may need a good start, or help to restart, but you can do it.

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“This is about unspoken communication with another, usually woman to man, as much as it is about finding the right words. Yet, there is so much potential for happiness. Agreeing to differ, can be one outcome of this.

“Aries, something/someone bigger than both of you, dictates what will happen. How will you balance the scales in your life with the person on the other end?”

As for Taurus (April 20 – May 21), this sign must take stock of themselves and where they are at in life before embarking on a huge trip.

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Jessica advised: “Taurus, the ambitious sign Capricorn rules foreigners and foreign countries in your chart. It is ruled by Saturn, the planet of patience.

“Your budding brainwaves or concepts with potential, or qualifications to show have worldwide reach, on the worldwide web. You need to come back down to earth, ground yourself, centre and settle down before you can begin the quest.

“As a Taurus earth sign you are best when grounded, so try to sort yourself out before you go tackle Europe, America, Asia and so on.”

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Jet-setter Gemini (May 21 – June 21) might be about to embark on a big trip sooner than they might think.

Jessica told Gemini: “You were born to explore and are always on the move throughout your life, with the Sun ruling short journeys and Uranus, the planet of freedom, ruling long journeys and even relocation.

“On the move, leaving the past behind and hopefully shedding the emotional baggage in the new place always appeals to you.

“Gemini, since your twenties, you have been determined to strike out for pastures new. Emigration, travel or moving away often happens because it is the last straw. The only option. You know that story too, if you are over the age of 30 and have had your Saturn Return.”

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