Anne Hathaway Is the First Choice for the Sesame Street Movie
6th December 2018

Anne Hathaway's schedule keeps on filling up. The actress' latest role? A starring part in the upcoming Sesame Street movie — that is, if she wants it.

Hathaway is the first choice for a human role in the Warner Bros. Sesame Street adaptation, according to Collider. There's not much info available yet about the film but we do know it's being directed by Portlandia's co-creator Jonathan Krisel. The film will also be a musical, which is up Hathaway's alley as the actress and singer won her first Oscar for a musical with 2012's Tim Hooper-helmed Les Misérables.

There's also the fact that Hathaway and Sesame Street go back as far as to 2007. That was the year that she made a cameo with Big Bird on the Sesame Street Christmas special, Elmo’s Christmas Countdown. With her bubbly enthusiasm and and wide eyes, Hathaway fit right in, singing “I Want a Snuffleupagus for Christmas” alongside Big Bird.

If she accepts the part, Hathaway would play Sally, the lens into the Sesame Street world. The character actually appeared in the show's debut back in 1969. In that episode, Sally, led on a tour by resident Gordon Robinson, encounters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. (Ernie and Cookie Monster shortly followed, as Collider points out.)

Hathaway is also being eyed for the role because of her preexisting relationship with Warner Bros., which includes the recent Ocean's 8 that heralded in a new era for the actress. She's also worked with Warner Bros. on The Intern, Get Smart, and The Dark Knight Rises. If those titles run the gamut, that's sort of the point.

She recently opened up about her strategy around taking on roles these days, telling Entertainment Weekly, "I like to make stories that make people feel good but I also like to make movies that make people think. For me, it’s not that I’m striving to make any one type of movie, I’m trying to make movies that people want to watch again and again, either because it’s a puzzle they have to figure out or they’ve had a hard day and this movie just wraps around them." The Sesame Street movie definitely falls under the latter.

Anne Hathaway and Rihanna attend the "Ocean's 8" World Premiere After Party on June 5, 2018 in New York City.

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