Angry driver’s ‘ingenious trick’ after another car queue jumps in front of him
3rd December 2018

A angry driver’s ‘ingenious trick’ after another car queue jumped in front of him is dividing opinion.

Some think John Mousicos is a legend for his actions, while others believe he is actually in the wrong and he also queue jumped.

John was visiting the car wash at a branch of Tesco in Devon when the incident happened and he captured the whole thing on dashcam, reports Devon Live.

Posting to Facebook, John said: "I visited a Tesco petrol station today, filled up, bought a car wash ticket and then proceeded towards the car wash behind another car doing the same.

"A dude in a Jeep drove on to the forecourt as we were both moving towards the car wash, with tickets in hand, and jumped ahead.

"He stopped at the entrance and got out to go and buy a ticket.

"I said ‘No you can’t do that. That’s not how this works’.

"He had other ideas. But so did I…"

Annoyed at the queue-jumper, John decided to come at the situation from another angle – literally.

He drove in front of the car wash, reversed his vehicle into place and entered his ticket – meaning the man in the Jeep had to wait for him.

John posted his video on to YouTube and took the time to caption his video, explaining exactly what he had done.

His decision seems to have divided opinion online.

One person said: "Omg you hero, I would have done the exact same. The smug look on your face must of been priceless."

Another said: "Well that’s not what I expected, fair play to you sir!"

But one said: "So you don’t like it he jumped the queue, yet you did it to the white car in front of you."

Another agreed, saying: "When the 4×4 got there, there was no queue, so I don’t see a problem. But then you skip the queue – if he had driven in and hit you, that would be on you."

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