All the Hidden Details of Queen Camilla's Coronation Outfit
8th May 2023

The dress — which she wore to King Charles' coronation — appeared to honor the couple's love of nature, Queen Elizabeth II and even her dogs.

Queen Camilla’s coronation look was filled with hidden, personal details.

When the 75-year-old Queen arrived at Westminster Abbey on May 6 for King Charles’ big day, she did so in an outfit which included a crimson velvet and ermine robe and an ivory, silver and gold embroidered dress.

Combining tradition and modern touches, Camilla wore the Robe of State originally made for Queen Elizabeth II’s own coronation back in 1953, with alterations from London’s oldest tailors, Ede and Ravenscroft.

Her Peau de Soie silk dress made by Bruce Oldfield was simple in design; the garment features Oldfield’s signature paneling, a short chain and intricate embroidery that included “daisy chains, forget-me-nots, celandine and scarlet pimpernel, representing the King and Queen Consorts affection for nature and the British countryside,” the Palace shared in a statement.

The dress also appeared to pay tribute to Camilla’s two rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, with two gold dogs appearing near the trim of the dress — while the names of her two children, Tom and Laura, and her grandchildren also appeared embroidered into the look.

While leaving the ceremony, Camilla wore a Robe of Estate, which was also designed by Ede and Ravenscroft. Hand embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework, the cape featured 24 plants sewed in gold thread. Among them was lily of the valley, which was a flower in her Royal Highness’ wedding bouquet and a known favorite of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

It also included a Lady’s Mantle which symbolizes love and comfort, Maidenhair Fern which means purity and cornflowers which represent love and tenderness. Delphiniums were also featured which are one of the new King Charles’ favorite flowers as well as Camilla’s birth month flower of July. The United Kingdom’s national emblems which are rose, thistle and shamrock were sewn into the garment as well.

In addition to the various flora and fauna, insects like bees, butterflies, beetles and a caterpillar were embroidered onto the robe for the first time which kept in theme with the couple’s love for the outdoors.

The Queen also donned the same necklace that was worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day in 1953.

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