Al Roker Has Advice For Men After Returning to Work Post Cancer Surgery (Exclusive)
24th November 2020

“Everybody should get checked.”

Al Roker, and by extension all of America, got an awful scare earlier this month when the beloved weatherman announced he had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.

Just two weeks after having the gland removed, the 66-year-old was back at work, and in trademark cheery form — but he did have a word of warning.

“Everybody should get checked,” he advised while leaving NBC Studios on Monday. “You need to check with your doctor.”

Al Roker Returns to TODAY After Prostate Cancer Surgery, Shocks Cohosts with Kegel Talk

Roker shared his scary news with fans on November 6, revealing doctors had spotted the cancer during a routine check-up in September, and that it was a “little aggressive.”

Despite having his prostate and some lymph nodes removed, the Today staple didn’t have a word of complaint.

“Nothing bad,” he replied when asked what the hardest part of the recovery was. “It’s all good, all good.”

Indeed, so popular is the 42-year NBC veteran, he couldn’t even get through an answer on the streets of New York without having a random “love you Mr Roker!” thrown at him by a passer-by.

Al Roker Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Celebrities Share Their Support

On his first day back at work, Roker credited his fantastic surgeons and the love and support of his family, colleagues and fans for helping him recover so quickly.

“I feel good, I really do,” he said, although he confessed that much of that good feeling had to do with getting the catheter out.

He further revealed that he will have his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels checked come January, and will continue to be screened every six months for the next five years.

“Usually you’re dead when you get all this love,” he quipped. “This is happy.”

When asked outside why he returned back to work so quickly, again he simply insisted: “It’s all good.”

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