AI creates images of ‘perfect’ man and woman with ‘ideal body type’
17th May 2023

The "ideal" man and woman produced by artificial intelligence (AI) has been revealed.

AI images were created using engagement analytics on social media data – and the results are interesting.

It was monitored by The Bulimia Project.

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But the eating disorder awareness group warned the results are "largely unrealistic" in the depictions of body types.

The images for men and woman show a bias for olive skin tones, as all the females have blonde hair and brown eyes.

Meanwhile, the hair colour results are not the only thing to have raised eyebrows after the findings.

The study, conducted by The Bulimia Project using Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, found the images were far more "sexually charged".

For women, 37% of the AI-generated images had blonde hair and 53% of the photos produced include females with olive skin.

While the men showed them with a big muscular build as they came with six-pack abs and extra tight T-shirts.

The study found 67% of the men in the images had brown hair, while 63% showed tanned skin.

After using AI to analyse the social media presents as the ideal man and woman, The Bulimia Project then asked it to share its prospective based on images from the internet.

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The "perfect" man in 2023 had facial hair and mostly with brown eyes and hair.

As for women, they had brown eyes, brown hair and tanned skin.

The Bulimia Project said: "Considering that social media uses algorithms based on which content gets the most lingering eyes, it's easy to guess why AI's renderings would come out more sexualised.

"But we can only assume that the reason AI came up with so many oddly shaped versions of the physiques it found on social media is that these platforms promote unrealistic body types, to begin with."

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