‘A real hard discounter’: Inside ‘Russian Lidl’ Mere’s first UK store with budget prices
18th August 2021

Lidl GB tease low prices in brand new advert

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Mere opened its doors to customers for the first time on Saturday, August 14, giving Britons the chance to buy staple household products for cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. Mere’s first store is situated in Preston, but the company plans to launch more branches across the country soon.

Shoppers were able to purchase a variety of household and grocery bargains on Saturday as Mere opened its first store in the UK.

The Russian company has 3,200 shops worldwide and started expanding in Europe in 2018.

Mere has been dubbed the “Russian Lidl” because of its discount prices.

However, it claims to be 30 percent cheaper than Lidl, as well as its other German rival, Aldi.

The new shop has been set up at a former Nisa branch on Miller Road in Ribbleton, just outside Preston.

It has a warehouse feel to it and is around 10,000 sq ft in size.

Those who have visited the shop will know its stock is kept in boxes stacked on pallets on the floor.

The supermarket offers customers over 1,200 products covering a range of categories, including food, drink, and homeware.

Some of its items include instant noodles, tinned mackerel, Cusheen toilet paper, Maxsonic batteries, Reach sanitising wipes, and Warrior energy drinks.

Now that Mere has opened, the prices of some products have been unveiled.

It is selling a pack of 24 toilet rolls for just £2.70, which is more than half the price of other shops.

Meanwhile, Aldi’s own brand toilet paper costs £5.79, and Asda’s is priced at £5.90.

Mere’s own brand pasta costs 23p for a 400g bag.

This is slightly cheaper than Aldi, where pasta is sold for 29p.

Additionally, a 800g tin of peeled tomatoes costs 39p in Mere.

The new supermarket also sells a range of branded goods.

Fairy washing up liquid, Shreddies cereal, Nescafé coffee, Pampers nappies, PG Tips tea bags, and Lenor detergent are all among its stock.

However, the store does not sell some grocery staples, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

It doesn’t offer break, milk, or eggs either.

Mere is planning to open a further three stores in the UK this year.

Two are expected to open in Wales, in Mold and in Caldicot, and another will be launched in Castleford in the north of England.

Last month, Aleksandr Chkalov, Mere UK Business Development Manager, described the new supermarket as a “real hard discounter”.

Speaking about the opening of Mere’s first branch, he said: “On 14 August we will be glad to present our new retail model: a real hard discounter, with no shelves, no service, no convenience, just the lowest prices.”

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