A Look Inside Jennifer Aniston $21 Million Bel-Air Mansion
18th April 2022

The $21 million mansion used to be the home of American actress Jennifer Aniston shared with her ex-husband Justin Theroux in Los Angeles. American actress, producer and spokeswoman Jennifer Aniston who currently has a net worth of $320 million has a lot of properties in her name, including a $21 million Bel-Air mansion. Aniston is among the most loved celebrities in Hollywood and after two decades of the comedic TV series Friends, everyone just loves her and even earned the title of America’s Sweetheart.

She is one of the most popular and most sought after comedic actresses in Hollywood and has consistently earned at least $20 million annually from numerous projects and brand deals. Although she is still most known to the public for her portrayal of Rachel on the comedy sitcom Friends, she has managed to carve herself as among the most respectable actors with honorable film career in the last two decades. Aside from her virtuous and admirable career, one thing that she is known for is her terrific tastes which have added to her attractive personality. Take a peek at her stylish and charming spectacular million Bel-Air mansion which she has redesigned based on her preferences and personality.

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Interior and Exterior Details of The House

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Jennifer Aniston purchased the Bel Air estate for $21 million in 2011 which was completed by Quincy Jones in 1965. Aniston has since decorated the mansion to her own tastes. Aniston loves to roam around the 8,500-square-foot property where she’d rather stay than go out. At the time, Aniston was planning to relocate to Los Angeles from Manhattan and when she has bought the mansion, it was just finished after some renovation made by architect Frederick Fisher. The Bel-Air mansion gives a bit too cool yet minimal vibe which embraces the vision of Jones, these features is something Aniston wants to redesign as she wants something different. Aniston has sought the help of the interior designer Stephen Shadley to transform the mansion and give it a warm and zen space for her to enjoy a peaceful time at the place.

The mansion has a lot of wood, bronze and stone materials which have depth and real substance which gives off some natural vibe. According to Shadley, Aniston specifically asked them to transform the place to be more inviting and warm which is what they did. The décor of the rooms in the mansion has the Midcentury furniture combined with sophisticated black-and-white color and fine art scheme. Among the rooms in the mansion is a room with a bar with a cozy lounge area. The entire vibe of the place radiates positivity which is swathed in neutral tones. Aniston credits the beauty of her home to the team effort of Shadley with Los Angeles based designers Jane Hallworth and Kathleen and Tommy Clements.

Features of The Mansion

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Aniston has an extremely beautiful home office at the mansion and she said that she feels powerful every she sits at her desk. The executive suite has some international conglomerate vibe which radiates authority and power. The kitchen of the property is light filled which Aniston thinks that makes it much cozier and she loves it that way. The stunning mansion comes with complete luxurious amenities such as a bar inside the living room and an outdoor swimming pool. The pool is surrounded by numerous trees which gives Aniston some private time.

There is also a beautiful alfresco space with a series of interconnected outdoor rooms, Asian-inspired pocket gardens and terraces which was redesigned by landscape architect Anne Attinger and Garden designer Marcello Villano. The terraces have stunning and breathtaking views with a glass edge design. Inside the property there is a gorgeous fireplace which is located in the living room. It is beautiful placed in the charcoal alcove that has some logs piled up on both sides which is ready to be placed on the fire. There is also an ivory rug on the fireplace which gives it a lighter element in contrasts to the dark vibe given off by the black leather furniture and wooden floors.

Additional Amenities

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Aside from the luxurious features of the mansion, the estate also has a massive walk in closet which is perfect for Aniston every time she prepares for some of the most prestigious Hollywood events as it is filled with hundreds of wardrobe. Inside the room there is also a beautiful Zen garden-style bathroom with a stunning long granite tub. The mansion also has a stunning gym with yoga room perfect for Aniston to keep her body fit. It features a beautiful foliage-lined home gym with a floor to ceiling windows with exercise equipment including some weight sets and kettle bells. There is also a massive shower in the mansion which is inside the master suite that is an all white bathroom with a large space that gives room for a beautiful blue with white tribal rug on the floor.

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