8 Worst Bridesmaids Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Having A Bridal Party At All
11th July 2019

Being a bridesmaid is a major honor — you don’t ask just anyone to stand beside you on one of the most important days of your life. Of course, because it is such an honor, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. To be fair, some brides totally abuse their authority and make their bridesmaids’ lives a living hell, but sometimes, it’s the bridesmaids that wreck havoc on the lives of the brides. Even if you’ve always dreamed of having a bridal party someday, hearing some of the worst bridesmaids stories might just make you think twice about that decision.

OK, yes, brides should realize that their bridal parties are devoting a whole lot of time and money into making their day special. But after discovering this Ask Reddit thread about horrible bridesmaids, I’ve concluded that some people are simply not meant for the role — or, really, for any role in the bride’s life. From the uncooperative, to the unsupportive, to the straight-up uncouth, I’ve rounded up stories about the most bad-mannered bridesmaids that I could find, and I think you’re going to want to sit down for these. Sure, bachelorette parties are fun, but they’re definitely not worth this nonsense.

The Drunken "I Do" Crew

— 3GoalCushion

The Mopey Maid

— pregnant-and-cold

The Petulant Party Member

— ladyughsalot

The Wanna-Be Bride

— savageexplosive

The Fickle Sisters

— _northernlights

The Negative Nancy

— thosethickthighs

The Dress Mess

— Marysthrow

The Banned Boyfriend

— UnsuspectingCoyote

The only thing worse than bridezillas? Bridesmaidzillas. You might have always pictured all of the important women in your life lining up besides you at the altar, but choose your bridal party carefully, or you might just end up with a bridesmaid horror story of your own.

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