7 Ways Power Couple Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Spend Their Millions
26th February 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are a serious power couple with a massive combined net worth of over $750 million. The seemingly ageless superstar and her athletic hubby have made their individual fortunes well before becoming an item, and they entered into their marriage with individual wealth. Already having made more money than they will ever spend in their lifetimes, these two superstars have continued to grow and expand on their wealth and investments, and show no signs of slowing down.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez continue to expand on their brands and pursue increased revenue streams. They definitely work hard, in spite not requiring to, and to balance it out, they make sure they play hard, and leave plenty of time for their families, too. While she may sing that her love ‘don’t cost a thing,’ the truth is that Jennifer Lopez is not shy about enjoying the fruits of her labor with hubby Alex Rodriguez.

7 Real Estate

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Much like most other celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez put a lot of emphasis on real estate purchases. They own a multitude of properties that are sprinkled in different regions. They’ve scooped up properties such as their New York City Condo, which was valued at over $15 million and is considered to be one of Jennifer Lopes’ most expensive purchases. They also have a plot of open land in Miami that they purchased for $7.4 million, which was developed into their custom, minimalistic home. They also own a stunning $15 million condo in Manhattan which comes equipped with the most lavish features and stylistic elements you can imagine.

6 Cars

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez both share an appreciation for luxury vehicles. Between the two of them, they own a fleet of both luxury and practical vehicles, all of which have been completely customized and upgraded with personal touches to suit their style. They’re reported to own a fabulously luxurious Maybach 57 S that retails for $500,000 before customization, a Rolls Royce Ghost estimated to have cost a whopping $300,000, an Aston Martin that costs roughly $150,000,  a BMW 3 Series, a Custom Jeep Wrangler, and a Ford Bronco. Let’s not forget the birthday present that Alex Rodriguez purchased for his wife on her 50th birthday. He generously gifted JLO a shiny red Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Convertible.

5 Bling

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When it comes to expensive diamonds and engagement rings, Jennifer Lopez has one that is larger than most that we’ve ever seen. Jennifer Lopez is certainly not disappointed by the massive emerald cut diamond that Alex Rodriguez put on her finger when he decided to propose. While the exact price tag of this expensive bling has not been produced, Business Insider suggests that the experts at Rare Carat assessed images of the ring and have estimated it to be at least 15 carats. In all likelihood, the ring is flawless and colorless, which would peg the value as being just shy of $5 million. That’s $5 million worth of diamonds in one ring and doesn’t even take into consideration any of the other jewelry that Jennifer Lopez has in her collection.

4 Private Jet

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When you’re among the richest celebrities in Hollywood, flying commercial simply won’t do. When this power couple wants to explore the world, whether it be with their brood of children, or on their own, they have a stunning private jet at their disposal. Alex Rodriguez purchased a Gulfstream IV jet in 2007 and this gorgeous plane is the true definition of luxury travel. With all the amenities you could ever imagine, and a few you wouldn’t be able to even dream up, this private jet seats 14 people with ease and comfort, which is plenty of space for the entire family along with some hired help!

3 Art

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It is reported that Alex Rodriguez has a flare for art, and we mean the expensive kind. Architectural Digest reports that his collection of high priced art includes original pieces by Andy Warhol, Nate Lowman, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

His collection is that of a serious art collector, and each piece is selected carefully to project a certain theme and energy within his home. For example, the heart-shaped canvas created by Nate Lowman worth an estimated $140,000 hangs in his daughter Ella’s room. When speaking with Architectural Digest he stated; “Both my girls love Nate. Really, they love anything with color.”

2 Investments In Business

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have invested in the wellness company, Sarva. They have studios across the globe, and put the focus on wellness and yoga for the masses.

Rodrigues explained that he enjoys giving people an opportunity to enter a space that can better their lives, their state of mind, and their overall wellness. Putting physical and mental health on the forefront, Lopez and Rodriguez believe in workouts and yoga as a form of achieving fitness goals and optimal health benefits.

1 Vacations

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When Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez want to get away from it all, they have a private jet and all kinds of spending money at their disposal. They’ve been known to jet set to some of the most incredible places in the world, and have taken photographs of themselves aboard luxury yachts and amid some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes.

In 2018, images resurfaced of a glamorous trip to Italy which included a full immersion in the finest things the culture offers. They’ve also enjoyed trips to regions such as France, the Bahamas, Monaco, and St.Tropez. Each destination leads them to incredible cuisine and very expensive shopping sprees.

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