6 Best Window Cleaners | The Sun UK
26th May 2020

RIGHT up there with defrosting the freezer and ironing, cleaning windows is probably one of our most hated household chores.

The internet swears by vinegar and water, but there are plenty of dedicated products out there that will do a far superior job.

Though it’s certainly possible to clean your windows with vinegar and water, if you’re after crystal clear glass, mirrors and windows with a minimum of wiping, polishing and faffing about, you’re better off using a specialist glass cleaner.

The holy grail of window cleaning is streak-avoidance.

There’s nothing more annoying than coming back to a window you thought was clean and seeing it covered in streaks when the light shines on it.

So if you’re cleaning exterior windows, choose a dull, cloudy day – if you clean your windows on a sunny day, the sun can dry your cleaning product off too quickly leaving you with nasty, hard-to-remove streaks.

Using the right cloth will help too – a microfibre cloth or chamois leather will work, or even newspaper or paper towels if you’re on a budget.

We’ve rounded up some of the most efficient window cleaners around, to help get your windows sparkling.

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