36 Best 1st birthday gift ideas 2021: from party decorations to the best presents for baby
18th September 2021

BABY's 1st birthday is a momentous occasion: a celebration of your little one and your own journey through the first year of parenthood.

From the cutest decor to the best 1st birthday gift ideas, we've put together a handy guide to make a baby's 1st birthday a fun and memorable occasion.

Baby's 1st birthday is an occasion you'll want to celebrate with friends near and far; balloons and banners add a festive touch to your home, and – just as important – photograph well for relatives who can't be there.

An opportunity to get baby a gift for active play, like a ball pit or a trike, a 1st birthday is a chance to give a present to remember.

Stacking toys, pull-alongs and anything that makes noise is another safe bet for a 1st birthday present a child will love.

Of course, a 1st birthday is also a fab opportunity to give baby a sentimental gift, like a keepsake silver gift or frame.

We've also included the best outfits for your little one to wear for the big event.

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