10 Best Fake Tan For Your Face 2022 | The Sun UK
8th April 2022

THE SKIN on your body and face are two very different things – so why settle for the same fake tan all over?

The best fake tans for your face will cater to your complexion, boosting and brightening skin – without blocking your pores and causing breakouts.

It goes without saying that these products will give you a natural glow, which is especially useful when the warmer months roll around since you don't want to be wearing too much make-up – or indeed any at all.

Using your trusty fake tan that is usually reserved for your legs on your face will more often than not cling to any blemishes on your skin – and give an uneven coverage.

It's why beauty brands have started to develop radiance-boosting tanning drops, tints and creams for that lucious, head-turning facial glow.

Facial tan can replace foundation if you'd like to take a break from make-up, but still want to add a bit of colour to your face. They require minimal effort and won't wear off throughout the day – unlike a lot of foundations or concealers that constantly need topping up.

From light mists that work wonders on the go, to gradual masks that build up a golden colour over just a few days – there's a huge range of products out there that will leave you looking like you're fresh off the plane and good to glow.

We've round-up the best fake tans of 2021 for your face – all of which have rave reviews and are from trusted brands, so you can be sure you're spending wisely.

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