You’ve been washing your face all wrong and this is the gross reason why
30th September 2021

WE ALL find ourselves washing our face and then reaching for a bath towel to dry, right?

Well, one TikTok user has advised us to stop doing this immediately.

A video was posted to the account ‘Clean Skin Club’ and shows towels soaking in a bath of water.

The TikTok user shares her process of cleaning her bath towels.

We see her add distilled white vinegar and baking soda in a bath full of warm water.

She then adds the towels and says: “Watch me strip my towels after 1 week of not washing.

“Let it sit for 2 hours.”

We then see the water INSTANTLY change colour, from clear to a grim brown.

As two hours pass, the water is pretty much black.

Grim, right?! 

We’re seriously grossed out and can’t believe we regularly wipe our freshly-washed faces with this.

Surely it defeats the point in washing your face and doing a whole four-step skincare routine?

What a waste using cleanser and toner was! 

Excuse us while we go and wash our towels immediately…


Clearly this video has grossed out numerous people as it has racked up over 565,000 views. 

The video now has 25.3k likes, 44 comments and 87 shares. 

One person said: “EWWWWWWW.” 

Another added: “Oops.” 

A third commented: “Thank you.” 

Instead of using a dirty bath towel to wipe your face, the account recommends you purchase Clean Skin towels, that will set you back just £11 for an XL 50-pack.

After seeing the state of that water, we might just be tempted…

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