You’ve been shopping in H&M wrong – I’m a fashion expert and here’s how to really make the most of your favourite stores | The Sun
16th April 2023

A STYLING expert has revealed the items you should never buy from H&M and how to find pieces that will elevate your wardrobe.

Kenzie shared a viral TikTok video on how to shop smarter and save money at H&M. 

“How many times have you bought something at H&M and thought to yourself ‘why did I buy this? I'm never gonna wear it again? Well today I’m gonna show you how to shop smarter at H&M.”

First Kenzie found a shell print dress.

The fashion fan said: “This shell print is a little interesting. You might feel tempted to buy this for a vacation but let's be honest, come next vacation you're not gonna wanna wear this.” 

Kenzie says a knit bikini overall top will last you a while 

She said: “Now this, I would totally buy for a vacation. It’s a great swimsuit cover up. I love the look of it. I feel like this is also super classic so you’ll hold on to this for quite some time.”

“It is a little thin so you have to be careful when you're washing it. But I do really like this.”

The styling guru also found a shell print linen shirt

“There's that print again and this is now in a linen material and like I said you're not gonna wear it on the next vacation, so I would not buy this.” 

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Kenzie said you can't go wrong with white wide leg jeans. 

She said: “Some of my best jeans are from H&M, especially their cream and white ones. I really love these they’re a great affordable style. They remind me of like a of nice J.Crew pair. I definitely think these would be worth your money."     

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Next Kenzie compared two black strapless dress that looked similar but one has a fatal flaw. 

“This dress is $15 [£12], If you look up close the stitching is all messed up right here.  I want the stitching to be at least halfway decent and this is not. So I would not purchase this dress compared to this one.”

“There’s no visible errors in the stitching and I just really like this overall. It is a little bit thinner, it’s gonna wrinkle a little bit but that’s okay.” 

Only buy dresses without a lining unless they are thick. 

Kenzie says: “This would actually be perfect for a summer wedding. It doesn't have a lining which is not the best but the fabric is actually pretty thick. This would be a pick for me.”

The fashion fan says the new H&M striped cream three piece set is a winner. 

“It’s very rare to see a three piece set at a store like H&M. This one has incredible quality. I mean look at the lining on this. Also it has double stitched fabric, which is always a plus.”

“You can do the trousers with the blazer, you can do the vest with the trousers and you can do the vest by itself, so much versatility and I love this all together.” 

The H&M black embroidered skirt is a must-have.

Kenzie says: “This is one of those skirts that when you tell someone it’s from H&M they’re gonna be shocked. I love the quality of this skirt. The embroidery detail is heavy and embossed.”

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The fashion fan says never buy clothes with discoloured fabric 

“If you are shopping at H&M and you see this discoloration in the fabric, do not buy it.”

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