You’ve been reheating pizza all wrong – viral hack gives you the perfect slice and all you’ll need is some ice | The Sun
8th December 2022

THERE’S no feeling than waking up the next morning and remembering you’ve got leftover pizza sitting in the fridge. 

But apparently, we’ve been reheating the good stuff all wrong this whole time. 

Instagrammer @flavorgod regularly shares cooking tutorials and dinner ideas with his 2.8 million followers. 

In a recent video, the foodie shares how he reheats takeaway pizza – using a saucepan and a few ice cubes. 

“How do you reheat your [pizza]??”

During the Instagram reel, he is seen putting a slice of pizza in a frying pan with two cubes of ice and then covering it all with a lid. 


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This essentially steams the pizza, leaving it pizza hot and moist but without a soggy base. 

Fans loved the quick and easy hack, with the video gaining more than 70,000 likes. 

In the comments, the page’s followers shared their own hacks, with one writing: “Nothing beats air frying day old pizza…” 

Another said: “I’m the toaster oven.”

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A third added: “Turn your oven on to 400 and put the pizza in while it’s preheating and once it’s heated in a couple of minutes the pizza comes out perfect like fresh from the pizzeria.”

@hayitzray commented: “Air fryer, oven, or outta the fridge. That's it that's all folks.”

Content creator @flavorgod isn’t the only one showing us where we’ve been going wrong – apparently, we’re not cooking pasta efficiently enough either. 

Posting on Instagram, Monique wrote: “I’ve just learned the coolest energy conservation tip for making pasta. 

“So you’re going to cook your pasta in boiling water for two minutes. Then you’ll turn the heat off, cover it, and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

“Then your pasta will be perfectly cooked every single time.”

Although her followers weren’t convinced, with one writing: “This video needs a trigger warning for Italians.”

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