You've been painting your nails wrong – expert reveals 'correct' way that ensures streak-free coats
17th January 2022

IF our budget would stretch to it, we'd happily have manicures multiple times a week – but for the moment, they're something we mostly reserve for special occasions.

So with that in mind, you'd assume we'd have had plenty of time to perfect our nailing painting skills. Right?

Well WRONG. Despite our best efforts, you'll often find us trying to hide away ourstreaky, chipped and smudged manis.

But according to the beauty expert who runs the TikTok account Nail Betch, there's a simple way to ensure a perfectly even application.

Demonstrating how she achieves an expert finish, the social media star – who boasts 628,000 followers – explained: "Start with a bead of polish in the middle of your nail.

"Then push the brush kind of gently towards the cuticle and swipe up along the side."


Once you've covered about two thirds of the nail, return to the base again to fill in the remaining gap.

She added: "Fan the brush out and swipe along the cuticle and bring it up."

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This leaves you with a streak-free, even layer of polish that doesn't overflow onto the skin either.

She then captioned the clip: "Practice makes perfect and polishes are different consistencies. So take your time."

Needless to say, the tutorial left viewers swooning over how good they looked at the end.

One replied: "Omg that looks so satisfying!"

Another added: "What is this sorcery? This was perfect somehow."

Meanwhile, a third recommended: "Tip! (Works for me). If your polish doesn’t flow like this add a bit of acetone in the bottle, and bam, smooth polish!"

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