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30th November 2022

WHILST some might think it's still too early, keen Christmas fans have already started to decorate their house.

If you're not the grumpy Grinch and belong in the latter category, then keep on reading, as there's a hack that will make your life way easier.

The game-changing trick was shared by a fellow fan of Christmas, Cory (@christmascory), and has since been a hit on TikTok.

According to the man, believed to be from the US, you shouldn't be putting your festive lights on the Christmas tree in a zig-zag motion going all around it.

Instead, Cory recommended in his video, swap this for going up and down with the sparkly lights.

To make sure the decoration remains secure, he also went around a few branches twice – this will make it more sturdy and less likely to fall off.

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If you notice you're running out of lights, don't go all the way up – you can later fill in the empty spaces with either candles or other festive decorations, such as stunning baubles.

''That's it – up and down the tree.

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''It worked quite well,'' Cory was impressed with the results.

However, he also warned to not go overboard with the lights, writing: ''Once it’s done evenly.. otherwise it becomes too much and you can’t see the decorations properly.''

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Fellow Christmas fans, 10k of whom liked the clip, flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

Many were stunned by the hack and thanked Cory for sharing it.

''I wish I saw this before. would have loved to try it,'' one penned.

Someone else saw the video just in time: ''will definitely be trying this thank you.''

''Life hack definitely gonna try this ‼️'' a third was keen.

''the best part is it's easier to remove,'' a TikTok fan added.

Recently another Christmas enthusiast shared a simple hack for making your baubles look more full and impressive – and all you need is a pipe cleaner.

The mystery Christmas fan captioned the post: “Ornament hack for your Christmas tree!”

A white bauble hanging alone on a Christmas tree appears in the frame, alongside some advisory text: “Common mistake: Don’t hang your baubles like this.”

If you’re surprised by the claim that it’s a mistake, you’re not alone.

Millions of people have used the single bauble technique for years, but this talented crafter suggested something better.

“Do this instead,” the caption advised.

“Group several ornaments on a piece of pipe cleaner (or floral wire or any flexible wire).” 

The video shows a pair of hands making quick work of the new decoration, feeding a total of four alternately-sized and coloured baubles onto a short piece of pipe cleaner. 

They then carefully intertwined the ends of the pipe cleaner to secure the baubles and hung them on a branch. 

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It’s a stunning result, with the group of baubles – and a pretty gold bell – nestled together and creating a miniature focal point among the branches. 

“Looks so much better,” the craft fan declared as they zoomed the camera out and let us admire their work. 

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