You’ve been cooking your chicken drumsticks all wrong – this is how to get the perfect chicken with LESS washing up
6th November 2021

WE all dread washing up after even the most delicious meal, so here's a hack that will save you time AND minimise your washing.

Say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" every night with this simple chicken flip.

All you need is a grill rack – there is often one in every oven – and a baking tray underneath to cook your vegetables.

The baking tray underneath also acts as a place to catch the chicken, just in case gravity does its job a little too well.

Tiktok user Ramin, who has gained 1.4million followers sharing major life hacks for all of life's small problems.

This winning chicken hack involves hooking the bony end of a chicken drumstick through the wires in a grill rack and then hanging them in the oven to cook through.


If you are cooking things to go with the chicken such as vegetables, place them on a baking tray below, this will also catch the chicken should it fall from the hanging rack.

Having the chicken hang vertically could make them more moist as the juices may be pushed to the meatier end of the drumstick.

It also recreates the way meat is cooked in kebab restaurants but from the comfort of your home.

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