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6th September 2022

DECLUTTERING your home could be so simple with one little add-on.

Interior design expert Caroline Winkler has shared how she gets her home in tip-top shape with the help of an easy method and a key item.

"When I have an interior design client who has a messy home, the problem isn't usually that their M&Ms aren't color-coded," Winkler said in a YouTube video.

"The problem is that we all have a ton of stuff and we don't know how to get rid of it, we don't know what to get rid of, and we don't know how to arrange the things we actually keep.

"And you can spend all the time in the world pinning images on Pinterest and trying to design the perfect space.

"But if your floor is covered in clutter, then it truly doesn't make a bit of difference what rug you end up buying."

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Winkler went on to highlight a decluttering product worth getting that will keep your home "organized" and "running smoothly."

Before revealing the key item, she shared a tip that will help you clean your home with ease.

"Coral your crap," she said.

"This blows people’s minds. If you are looking at your nightstand, your kitchen counter, or your coffee table, it's just a lot of stuff. It's visually busy. Coral it.

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"Just place things on a tray. It will blow your mind at how quickly it solves the problem of visual clutter."

She added that it doesn't have to be a tray.

"You can use a book, you can use a cutting board, you can use a stack of magazines. Something that takes a bunch of visual items, and then instead of five items, you just have one item."

Winkler also suggested grouping items in threes. By grouping items, they become a new single item, minimizing the visual busyness.

"Even without a tray, this can make a huge impact," Winkler said.

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