You shouldn’t dye your hair in the days right before your period, experts warn
24th May 2019

NEXT time you book yourself in for a hair appointment, you might want to make sure it’s NOT just before your period.

According to hair colourists, you should avoid bleaching your locks just before you started bleeding, as the chemicals can make your scalp hurt more than usual.

As many women know, throughout your menstruation cycle your sensitivity to pain changes, and it can peak just before you start bleeding.

So perhaps you should check your diary to make sure these sore days don’t coincide with your next hair appointment.

Sophie Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, explained to “Ask any hairdresser in the works and they will tell you that time if the month is a factor. We know purely by experience of watching clients twitch in our chair.

“But scientifically there is a reason too, your pain threshold is much lower sure to a drop in oestrogen, and that goes for everything.

“I always say to my clients ‘bleaches, waxes and any 50 Shades of Grey malarkey is off the cards’.”

Dr Alex Eskander, Consultant Gynaecologist at The Gynae Centre added: “I have had patients report a sensitivity to pain just before menstruation.

“This can occur due to the accumulation of blood in the uterus which results in uterine contractions; this opens the cervix, releasing the period blood two to three days later.”

Ask any hairdresser in the works and they will tell you that time if the month is a factor

Dr Eskander said that research from the University of Michigan from 2003 suggested that changes in women’s oestrogen levels – which can occur during the menstrual cycle – can affect sensitivity to pain.

The high levels of oestrogen can lead to the brain’s “painkiller system” releasing endorphins to suppress pain signals.

When oestrogen is low, this means you can’t regulate pain as well and you are more sensitive to it.

Although many women are more sensitive during menstruation, every person is different, and some report they feel the opposite.

But it might be worth bearing your sensitivity levels in mind next time you are due a hair appointment.

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