You have to be cool as ice to spot the rogue word in this optical illusion in five seconds | The Sun
11th March 2023

A NEW optical illusion has many online gobsmacked as they try to find the misspelled word amongst the bunch.

The blue and black graphic challenges viewers to locate the word "first" among the misspelled words "frist" – but there's a catch.

Online viewers of the illusion should try to locate the word in less than five seconds – can you do it?

The brain teaser has confused many, but if you look closely, you might be able to see it.

Ready to start your search? Go!

Don’t worry if you can’t seem to spot the elusive word, because we've put the answer down below.


You have to be cool as ice to spot the rogue word in this pic in five seconds

You could have genius IQ if you spot the correctly spelled word in 5 seconds

If you can solve this puzzle in less than five seconds, you may be a genius.

Viewers are challenged to hunt down the rogue word 'avocado' weaved in with 125 repetitions of the incorrectly spelled 'avocada'.

Another illusion challenges you to spot the word "ace" misspelled amongst versions of the correctly spelt word.

Can you spot it in less than five seconds?

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Optical illusions are a fantastic way to encourage your mind to think strategically and are becoming popular daily puzzles.

Why not try locating the rogue spelling of ‘bad’ in this brain-itching illusion.

Another puzzle claims only those with a high IQ and killer eyesight can find the solution – can you?

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