You have the eyes of a hawk if you spot the tiny owlet hidden amongst the trees in under 20 seconds in this illusion | The Sun
19th September 2023

ONLY those with the eyes of a hawk can spot the tiny owlet in this woodland scene in less than 20 seconds.

Puzzles and brainteasers test your eyes to look at the finer details and to pay more attention.

Particularly camouflaged items or animals that are especially tricky to spot will test your patience and those who are stubborn are more likely to solve it than those who give up too soon.

In this image, a tiny feathered friend is hidden in a cozy spot to keep an eye out for prey and predators.

As all animals must learn from a young age, this baby owl has learned how to stay out of sight and how to blend into the wooded area.

Those who suddenly spot the creature will quickly discover that while you could not see it, the animal was already looking at you.

Have you spotted the owlet in less than 20 seconds?

For those who are struggling, a helpful tip is to look out for the eyes of the animal which often differentiate from the colors of their surroundings.

The browns and greens of the woods all blend together and the dark feathers of the owlet are designed to keep it safely hidden.

However, its large eyes are circled by white feathers which make it easier to distinguish.

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The blurry background of the image along with the extreme detail of the tree perfectly confuses your eyes.

Those who still can't see the bird should focus on the branch from the tree to the right of the image.

Here you can see in the hollowed-out branch a tiny feathered head just visible from the cozy hole the owlet has found itself.

The large eyes and tip of the head just poke out from inside the tree.

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