You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat sleeping on a pile of logs | The Sun
15th August 2022

THERE'S a slumbering cat comfortably nestled up in a picture full of logs.

Are you able to find it within 10 seconds?

In a TikTok video uploaded to his 500k followers, Charles Clockworks shared a difficult optical illusion featuring a cat.

The kitten in this photo is well concealed, and you might not see it at first glance.

It's said that if you can spot the cat you have the eyes of a hawk.

Still can't find the critter?

Pay closer attention to the logs.

At the top of the logs in the center, you will find the sleeping cat.

For those who still can't locate the cat no matter how hard they try, Clockworks left some advice in the comments section of the clip.

He wrote: "If you still don't see it, take a screenshot and zoom in the area where the arrow is."

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If you're looking for more mind-bending puzzles, you should give this other cat brain teaser a go.

The image is leaving people stumped as they scan it in hopes of finding the kitten.

It's pretty tricky since nothing in the photo seems to be out of the ordinary.

The hidden creature is not lurking by the window, nor is it on the wall.

Are you able to locate it?

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