You have the eyes of a hawk if you can find the clear patch of floor in less than a minute | The Sun
17th August 2022

TAKE a look at this cluttered image – does it look anything like your own home?

Whether you're a cleaning fanatic or perpetually disorganized, if you can spot the secret in under a minute, you might be totally brilliant.

The messy image above, courtesy of Luxury Flooring & Furnishings, shows a home stacked with boxes, appliances, furniture, pets, trophies, and even a vacuum or three.

There's also a single patch of totally clean floor in the picture, but it's tiny!

Your quest is to find the herringbone parquet flooring among all the mess, so start a timer and get to work.

The super-trendy flooring style always stands out, which is your only hope for finding it in this busy illustration.


You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the owl hidden in the stone wall

According to Luxury Flooring & Furnishings, only 5 percent of people could find the clear patch of floor in under a minute.

Most of the participants took more than two minutes to find the hidden section of clean floor.

The clean patch of floor has a herringbone pattern in two tones of warm, light wood. If you need another hint, keep reading!

You won't find it near the back wall where the windows and shelves are.

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The clean patch of floor isn't underneath a plant or a washing machine.

Try looking near the trophies, dogs, and cleaning pails for a little extra help.

Are you still stuck? Here's one more clue.

The section of flooring is in the bottom-left quadrant of the illustration.

Were you able to find it? How long did it take you?

If you spotted the floor in under one minute, congratulations. You have the eyes of a hawk…or you're used to navigating a messy house.

Check your work against the official answer key below – and don't let your own living room get as cluttered as this wild scene!

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