You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the three sneaky rabbits hiding in the tree in under 10 seconds | The Sun
22nd June 2023

A TRIPPY optical illusion is testing people's eyesight as they try to spot the three hidden rabbits inside of a tree.

That might sound easier said than done but this puzzle is more challenging than it seems.

In the brain teaser, the eyes of the rabbits are easily mistaken for buds on the tree.

Viewers can end up staring at the image for minutes without spotting a single rabbit.

If you look closely at the top of the tree, you'll be able to make out the first rabbit.

By tilting your head to the left, you may be able to find the ears of the second animal.

And the third rabbit is hiding upside down in the puzzle.

Still can't find the creatures? No worries, we'll leave the answer for you.

If you're looking for more optical illusions, see if you have the eyes of a sharpshooter by spotting these elite snipers in this deadly mind puzzle.

The soldiers are so well concealed in their surroundings that most puzzlers are calling the footage an optical illusion.

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Viewers are faced with three separate images – all of which have a rugged, grassy backdrop.

However, in each snap is a deadly soldier waiting for his target with his sniper rifle.

It is your job to find them.

If that was too easy, here's a test to see if you're in the top one percent by seeing if you can work out the real letter ‘G’ in this baffling optical illusion.

Think you know what the letters of the alphabet look like? Think again.

In this baffling optical illusion, we challenge you to try and figure out which "g" is written correctly.

And it may be harder than you think.

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