You could have a top IQ if you can spot the three differences in these pictures in less than 10 seconds | The Sun
18th March 2023

BRAIN teaser fans are competing to find the three differences in these pictures as quickly as possible.

Those who are able to find all three in less than 10 seconds could have a top IQ.

The challenge works to test your quick thinking and force your eyes to work seamlessly with your brain.

The more you do, the quicker you get.

But the differences are well concealed and have left many people scratching their heads.

If you are struggling, try looking along the fence and in the sky.

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And if you still can't pinpoint the differences, scroll down to the bottom for answers.

Or, have a go at this spot the difference.

In another challenge,

In this similar challenge, puzzlers can try to find all three differences between these bumblebee images in under 10 seconds.

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