You can now buy weighted blankets for kids in Aldi to help them sleep
12th December 2020

PARENTS are raving about Aldi's weighted blankets for kids which help them fall asleep with ease.

One shopper was thrilled to have discovered the Marvel-themed bedding for the affordable price of £19.99.

One woman alerted bargain hunters of her find by posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

She wrote: "Weighted blankets in stock today in aldi , I had to ask staff as they hadn't put any out and had them all in the back . Several to choose from. 19.99."

According to, weighted blankets provide extra pressure due to the weight of the blanket and which can help kids sleep for a longer period of time, fall asleep faster, or wake less often.

Many parents who have kids with sensory issues or anxiety swear by them too, claiming it helps keep them calm.

I've just picked up one for my little girl and the Pixar for my nephew. Both cheaper than the price one would have cost elsewhere.

Thousands of parents and fellow group members were quick to comment on the post and shared their eagerness to pick one up.

One person wrote: "These are a bargain the frozen ones are 45/55£ in very. I've just picked up one for my little girl and the Pixar for my nephew. Both cheaper than the price one would have cost elsewhere (sic)."

Another shopper tagged a friend and wrote: "May be of some help to little man. Some of my residents have them and they can be a great comfort when all else is failing. Was going to suggest this to you the other week xxx."

However, many parents warned about doing your research before buying one for your kids, and to make sure the blanket weighs no more than 10% of your child's body weight.

"Just wanted to mention weighted blankets should NOT be used over night," one wrote.

"These are to help calm and regulate anyone with sensory issues anxiety etc and are weighted to suit the person's own body weight."

While another said: "Make sure to do your research so it actually works as it should, I’ve bought my daughter one for Christmas and it should be 10 – 12% of the child’s weight x"

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