Women in hot debate about the best way to make white bras stay fresh and a £3.70 product from B&M is the clear winner | The Sun
22nd September 2023

WOMEN are debating the best way to make your white bras gleam again – and one bargain product is the clear winner. 

The two main reasons that white bras turn grey or yellow are sweat and improper bra washing. 

When sweat mixes with other elements, such as deodorant and bacteria on your skin, it produces the dreaded yellow ring. 

Cleaning fanatics have taken to Facebook to share how they restore their white bras to their former glory.

And Napisan is the sure winner product.

Napisan is a heavy-duty detergent with antibacterial properties. 

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“Germicidal in-wash stain remover with active oxygen,” a blurb on the laundry product reads.

“Removes germs and stains from your wash even at low temperatures, for the peace of mind of a hygienic wash.

“Napisan works by releasing active oxygen to kill germs and remove stains. 

“Items washed with Napisan will not only be clean but Napisan kills the germs you can't see to leave your garments hygienic.”

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It is able to kill germs even on 30C washes, which is ideal for bras which need to be washed at a cooler temperature. 

You can purchase Napisan in most supermarkets for around £5, but even cheaper in B&M at £3.70.

It has even been known to retail in Home Bargains for £2.99.

“Soak it in Napisan overnight in a bucket and then wash as recommended,” one woman penned in Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips.

“I always cover the bottom of the bucket in a layer of Napisan,” another advised.

“Not too thick but not able to see the colour of the bucket.”

“I wash my bras by hand in stergene for delicates and I use Napisan too for whites,” a third said. 

“Leave to soak in a bowl overnight. Just sprinkle the Napisan and make sure the bras are submerged.”

Other women felt that once a bra gets the dreaded yellow ring, it is impossible to make it sparkling white again.

Lots of laundry experts recommend cleaning bras by hand due to their delicate nature.


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If they are lacy or satin, it’s even more important to take care when washing to avoid snagging or pulling. 

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