Woman turns unused room under the stairs into an epic playroom for her kids with a slide and ball pit
14th August 2021

EVERY child’s imagination could run wild if you were to let it. Having a wardrobe that turns into Narnia? That is no problem for them. 

But one mum has made dreams come true for her little one. 

The TikTok user Carolyn, who goes by the name of ‘Loving The Crew online, has revealed how her family house has a secret playroom for the kids hidden behind a door underneath the stairs. 

The user @lovingthe.crew revealed the incredible home feature in a video which has been viewed  149.8k times.

In the viral clip, the mum films waking up to what looks like a normal closet door in the hallway under the stairs, until she opens it. 

With a lit up sign, ‘play’ and draped curtains in front which you have to crouch down and walk though, truly feels like something magical.

Once in the room, which has a low ceiling her kids can play with giant teddy bears, a ball pit and there is even a slide. 

Replying to a comment, the homeowner told how her children love the room they created.

Their comment read: “He [child) loves it! Used to be for my older son too so they can definitely use it for years and years.”

And many viewers were in love with the creative idea. 

One wrote: “Wow amazing! I wish I had this for my kid.” 

Another commented: “I would have loved to have one of these when I was a baby.”

A third said: “I’d love this as a kid! A little hideaway to play and relax.” 

While another said it would be perfect for them, writing: “I would go in there and sit and read a book…It looks cozy.”

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