Woman takes cute picture with her dad but is mortified when she actually sees it – can you spot what she’s fuming about? | The Sun
26th January 2023

A WOMAN who wanted a cute picture with her dad was left mortified when she actually saw the image.

Kris took to TikTok to share a video of herself sitting next to her dad, ready for the snap.

"When you thought you got a cute picture with your dad… " she wrote over the clip.

Once she had the printed image in her hand, she zoomed in on what she was fuming about.

The way she'd been sitting meant that a shadow of her profile was made on her dad's T-shirt – and ended up giving her a Mr Burns' style nose outline.

"Welp!" she captioned the video.

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People were quick to weigh in on the hilarious fail in the comments section, with one writing: "I wouldn’t have noticed but that’s hilarious."

"Babe! Lollll," another added.

To which Kris replied: "My damn GRU NOSE", referring to the Despicable Me character.

"When you nose, you nose," a third commented.

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"That is a honker," someone else wrote.

"Stop it! Didn't notice it till you said something," another added.

With Kris writing: "I didnt notice but when I did I could not stop seeing it."

"looks like Alfred hitchcock. Nice pic of you and your dad though," someone else laughed.

As another commented: "That’s the penguin from Batman."

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