Woman shows off ‘most beautiful’ bridal guest outfit ever – but she’s instantly compared to a nursery rhyme character | The Sun
18th August 2023

EVERYBODY wants to look their best when attending a wedding.

But one woman has totally divided opinion online after sharing the 'dream' dress she wanted to wear to her friend's wedding.

Taking to social media, the wedding guests asked strangers what they thought of the dress she had picked, and people didn't hold back on their opinions.

She showed off the pink frilly floor-length dresses she was torn between which both featured puff sleeves.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: "I have a friend's wedding in November and I've always wanted a reason to buy a dress from Selkie. Are either of these outfits appropriate?"

The wedding guest revealed she was willing to spend a hefty £200 on the dresses from Selkie to make a good impression but many thought it was over the top for a wedding guest.


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Woman divides opinion as she shows off dress she wore to her brother’s wedding

Commenters revealed she would be taking the attention off the bride with her dress choice and even compared her to Little Bo Peep.

One critic wrote: "The first one gives little bo peep vibes. The second I think grandma's nightgown. Neither feels wedding appropriate."

Another remarked: "Not appropriate. Too light-coloured, too much main character energy, and honestly look like sleepwear."

She isn't the only person to be slammed for her wedding guest outfit.

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With wedding season in full swing, TikTok is full of videos of women looking for advice on what's appropriate to wear for their friend's big day.

One influencer, Lydia Millen, was slammed after she wanted to wear a white and green floor-length dress to her friend's wedding.

Despite the green detailing, many claimed it was still white and therefore was off-limits for a wedding guest to wear.

Recently, the internet was shocked to see a bride's mum wear a full-on wedding dress and veil to her daughter's wedding.

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