Woman raves about budget B&M hairdryer gives glossy locks in seconds with NO tangles
8th November 2021

ONE woman has revealed the £17 hair product from B&M that gives you a salon-style blow-dry in minutes.

Onlookers are shocked by the results saying they can't believe how good the woman's long tresses look.

23-year-old Tammi Lees took to her TikTok channel, sharing a post of how she uses the product under the caption: "Best £17 ever spent at B&M Stores."

Posting under the domain @tammileesshe says: "Try out this ELLE hot brush from B&M with me."

Separating her damp hair, she added: "Sectioning and brush hair before using of course."

Tammi shows how she easily pulls the hot brush through her long hair that reaches her waist.


"Straightens my hair at the same time, love that," says Tammi.

"Really easy to use actually – hardly gets tangled considering the length of my hair" added the TikTok user.

The results show the woman's hair is super smooth and poker-straight after no time at all.

"Silky smooth and is quicker than a hairdryer," she says.

Adding 10/10 would recommend."

The post has been viewed a whopping 218k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment:

"BRB just popping to B & M!" commented one person.

"I want one of these would be a lot quicker than a hairdryer" added another.

A third person asked: "How long did it take to completely dry."

Tammi responded, "Probably 10/15 minutes to be fully dry, but again that's because I have so much hair – but I would usually have to straighten it as well – I don't now."

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