Woman having a bad day stunned by delivery driver’s heart-warming gesture which totally turned things around
28th May 2021

A WOMAN'S bad day was completely turned around with the kind gesture of the man who delivered her lunch.

TikTok user Julia, took to the platform to explain that she has 'blurted out' to the man who dropped off her steak quesadilla.

In response to her admission, he followed up with a text message after leaving her address.

He said: "Sorry to bother you, it's the delivery driver, I'm not trying to hit on you or be awkward but lunch is on me today.

"I put your money in your mailbox, hopefully this is able to change your bad day and slowly turn it towards a good day. Enjoy and be safe!"

Blown away by his kindness, the TikToker, who uses the handle @dimarjulia replied with an enthusiastic message.

She said: "This was the nicest and sweetest thing ever. You really didn't have to do that.

"I'm still in shock lol, but I really appreciate it & it honestly made my whole week, not only my day."

She returned the act of kindness with the offer of a reciprocal one, as she worked in a local pizzeria and she invited him to have a meal on her.

He replied: "Don't worry about lunch or dinner, you don't owe me anything! I did it only to help even if it was just a little bit."

Still shocked by the unexpected gesture, Julia requested the man's name and he replied saying it was Thomas.

Fellow TikTok users excitedly encouraged her to continue getting to know the generous stranger.

One said: "Take him on a pizza date."

While another said: "Y'all have to go on a actual date [sic]."

Another joked: "And that kids is how I met your mother."

Other TikTokers were just touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift.

One said: "May God bless Thomas, we need more Thomas's in this world!"

Another agreed: "Whaat that's so sweet."

While another said: "This gives me faith in humanity."

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