Woman gets rinsed for missing the major spelling mistake on her huge back tattoo, & trolls are all saying the same thing | The Sun
29th March 2023

NO MATTER what design you go for, getting a tattoo is always a big commitment.

But considering they're permanent, you'd hope your tattoo artist would double check for any mistakes before going ahead with the inking.

One woman failed to do just that and was left with a huge, misspelt tattoo.

The inking covers most of her back, and should say 'beautiful' in the centre, with colourful butterflies surrounding it.

The only problem is the word actually says 'Beatiful', leaving tattoo fans stunned.

On the plus side, at least the tattoo will be easy to cover since it's on the woman's back.


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Let's just hope she isn't planning on showing it off this summer, because that could be awkward.

After a picture of the finished tattoo was shared on Facebook people couldn't believe the artist made the massive mistake without realising.

One commented on the post: "Good thing it’s on her back and she can’t see it."

And a second wrote: "At first I was like, 'this is really lovely I don't see the problem.'

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"Then I figured it was going to be the spelling and it was."

Meanwhile other Facebook users wondered if the woman even realised the inking is missing a letter.

One quipped: "Who is going to tell her?"

"This is… so….bad. I'd love to see her face when she saw it lol," another wrote.

And someone else simply said: "How unfortunate."

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