Wife asks for storage advice but is slammed for her ‘gross’ hallway and VERY large shoe collection
25th March 2021

WE all have our own way of doing things inside our own homes, but one woman was savagely slammed for her "gross" hallway habit.

The Australian woman asked for shoe storage advice on Facebook and shared a snap of her entrance, which was filled with a very large shoe collection.

She revealed that she and her husband keep their shoes near the front door, but because there are so many the racks are overflowing – with extra work boots lined up next to them.

Wanting to make it look less overcrowded, she asked: "Can I see everyone's shoe storage areas."

But instead of offering help, many took aim at the fact the shoes were placed by the door to start with.

Instead, people said shoes should be kept in their bedroom at the bottom of the wardrobe, or in a seperate cupboard elsewhere.

"That would drive me insane, sorry," one mum wrote.

"The smart people in my house their shoes live nicely in the bottom of their wardrobes," said another.

A third suggested: "Just tell people to keep them in their rooms and set up a shoe rack in the garage for the most used pairs."

One mum said she's embarrassed by the smell so will never leave her kids' or husband's shoes by the door.

Another agreed and said: "Maybe keep them in the garage if you have one or on a shoe rack in the wardrobes."

The smart people in my house their shoes live nicely in the bottom of their wardrobes.

Adding: "Failing that, you could buy a big wooden box with a lid on it and put them all in there so at least the entry way only has a box and not shoes everywhere."

But the woman defended her decision to leave shoes at the door and argued that she had lived in Japan for years where it was tradition.

She also revealed that her partner is from China so he too is used to taking them off as he enters the house.

She hit back: "I'm not asking for people's opinion on the current state of my hallway nor find the comments necessary. All I'm asking is what everyone's set up looks like if they do have shoes by the door."

Many shared their own storage solutions and suggested how to make the hallway more presentable without having to move the shoes.

Others suggested a chest with a lid "to hide the mess" and keep the shoes contained. 

Some of the mums jumped to her defence agreeing that shoes should never be kept in the bedroom.

"I think keeping shoes in a wardrobe disgusting. All those outdoor germs inside where your clean clothes go? Yuk! I also keep a shoe rack for serious stinky shoes on my porch. I also like my visitors to take off shoes," one said. 

According to Healthline, taking your shoes off at the door and leaving them there or outside is the best way to keep your home free of bacteria and germs.

This could also includes chemicals and other substances found on the soles of your shoes.

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