What you see first in this optical illusion reveals type of person you are
19th April 2022

AN optical illusion has surfaced online which reveals what type of person you really are.

The tricky image poses whether you see the trees or the sky scrapers first – and the results have left people stunned.

Shared by The Blondie Boys Shorts, the picture promises to reveal details about your personality and what your goals are in life.

The vlogger explained “If you saw the trees first it means you have massive goals for the future and you’ll do anything to achieve them.

“But if you saw the skyscrapers first, it means you dream of living in a big city and want to get out of your small town.”

Many users were quick to confirm whether their results matched their personalities.

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One said: “I saw trees first. And ur right. I would do anything to achieve my goals for my future.

Another added: “I agree, I’m lost in life and want get out of my small town. That’s what type of person I am."

A third said: "Why are all of these so accurate."

Another viewer commented: "Omg this is actually what I am like and want to do."

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The comments came as the popular YouTube vlogger shared a similar optical illusion with his subscribers which posed whether people saw white robes or a waterfall first.

He added: "If you saw the waterfall first, it means you are super social but you also love your alone time.

"But if you saw the people in the white robes first it means you feel lost in your life right now.

"You don't know where you're headed but you're determined to make it in life."

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