What to expect in King Charles’ first Christmas message – and how key detail could change everything for Meghan & Harry | The Sun
19th December 2022

KING Charles is set to give his first ever Christmas Message – and experts say it will contain one key detail.

The King's speech was recorded on Tuesday, it is understood – ready to be broadcast on Christmas day at 3pm on BBC One.

It means the speech was made after the first three episodes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell Netflix docuseries were released on December 8.

But the final set of episodes – which unleashed scathing attacks on the Royal family – were not available to watch until December 15.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams claims this means the King may be positive about Harry and Meghan in the message because it was recorded before the Sussexes "declared war".

Alternatively, Charles could take a firmer stance and address the claims from the first three episodes head on.

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These included Meghan revealing her "jarring" meeting with Princess Kate while Harry took a savage dig at his own father.

Being addressed on a national stage by his father could go a way to getting the "reconciliation" the couple want.

Royal expert Richard told the Sun: "We understand that Charles recorded the broadcast after the first collection of the Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries episodes.

"But they had a pretty good idea the second instalment would be extremely unpleasant – which it was.

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"As such it is obvious that Charles may even mention what he thinks.

"The King is broadcasting as the Queen used to – as a symbol of national unity.

"A nation which is in an economic crisis and is politically unstable. Your own family should offer that unity…. well far from it.

"The timing, even if they themselves didn't choose it, is particularly unkind. the Royal Family will be grieving over Christmas."

Richard said Meghan and Harry have "declared war" after releasing the documentary so close to Christmas.

The expert added: "There's energy difficulties, strikes, economic turbulence.

"And normally the Royal Family would be able to rise above that.

"But then we've got the Sussexes. They've gone rogue. They've declared war."

Even with the unease caused by Meghan and Harry, Richard stressed the late Queen "will be the centre of the message".

"The royals will be thinking about their many happy times spent with the Queen," he said.

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"It is a turbulent time. The royals seem to mimic – in a strange sort of way – the rest of the country.

"The thing about the Sussexes is they are completely unpredictable."

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