What Exactly Are You Supposed to Wear on a Date Right Now? Here, We'll Show You
29th July 2020

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first real outfit in weeks

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The Park Date

Chances are, you’ve got a couple of go-to “early in the game” date outfit ideas you could grab in an instant and feel good about wearing. Whether it’s your favorite top or cute LBD, you know the pieces in your closet that make you feel great and could take you to a bar, a restaurant, or anywhere else you may be headed. Well, now if you’re dating, you aren’t really going to bars or restaurants. The entire concept of meeting new people has been altered because of the pandemic, which begs the question: if you’re going on dates, what exactly are you supposed to wear?

Now that the dates themselves look a little different, the requisite outfits are going to look different, too. Ultimately, though, if you’re going out, you should a) put on a mask, b) stay six feet apart from your date, and c) wear something that makes you feel good. If you need a little inspo, though, look no further. If you are like us and also have no idea what you’re supposed to wear on a walk, we’ve got you covered.

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