What 8 Collectors Wore to a Fall Art and Design Fair
7th December 2018

Some New Yorkers go apple picking in the fall. Others head to the annual Salon Art & Design fair, which showcases storied designers and artists from the 19th century through the current day. Held this month at the Park Avenue Armory, it featured tables by Frank Lloyd Wright, chairs by Joseph Urban, sculptures by Alexander Calder and drawings by Egon Schiele.

At the fair’s opening on Nov. 8, discerning collectors tested out couches, perused artworks and sipped champagne. Here’s what they wore.

Philip Fimmano

Age: 39

Occupation: design curator

Your bow tie! It looks like you’re headed to the opera.

I’m wearing a Lanvin bow tie given to me by the graphic designer Anthon Beeke, who developed a very organic language for posters and typography. He’s like a second father.

That’s a major coat.

It’s a kimono jacket, designed by Eileen Fisher, who has an installation here. It’s made from recycled garments.

Tell me about your sparkle pants.

I thought I’d try and outdo the old ladies tonight. Comme des Garçons. This season.

I hope this isn’t rude, but how much did those Valentino sneakers cost?

A little bit too much, $800 or $900. They’re just sneakers, but they’re made in an amazing way. It’s their camouflage.

Camouflage? They look black.

But there’s different layers of black: matte black, satin black and lacquered black.

Nathalie de Gunzburg

Age: 52

Occupation: chairwoman, Dia Beacon

You’re wearing leather.

Yes, I’m wearing a Hermès black leather dress.

It’s very strong.

Of course.

How do you dress for an event like this?

I don’t know. I like the dress, I had it in my closet. I thought, Why not?

Your shoes: Are they python?

Yes. They’re Aquazzura. All my shoes are. And they’re very comfy.

I don’t believe that. It’s like a four-inch heel.

It’s a full-time job to know how to walk in heels.

Camille Felicity

Age: 25

Occupation: managing editor, Spoiled NYC

You’ve got a fortune teller look happening.

It’s a lot, honestly. I wore a head wrap because my hair was wet and I didn’t want it dripping down my neck as I was walking around all day. It’s a pillow case, from Target.

Are your earrings vintage?

From Beacon’s Closet. The jumpsuit, too. It’s a little boxy, it does have padded shoulders.

And then a little fur?

It’s from the 1920s. It’s my ex’s grandmother’s. I should have given it back, but it was too cute and I earned it. Two years of love and labor.

Sigi Ahl

Age: undisclosed

Occupation: artist

You’re wearing Eileen Fisher?

Ninety-nine percent. I’m wearing a repurposed piece, from a collection with Lilah Horwitz. She goes through the recycled garments and makes a poem out of each one. This is a coat poem.

Under the coat poem, is it a blouse?

A very old Eileen Fisher suede top. The pant and the shoes, too. Everything, except my underwear. We don’t do that.

Your scarf doesn’t look particularly warm.

This is antique Italian lace. It’s done by Julia Hill. It’s a beautiful color component to what I’m wearing today.

Daniel Hakakian

Age: 36

Occupation: managing partner, Domus Design Collection

Is the hoodie under the blazer a way to bring out your youth?

It’s a little cold outside so instead of an overcoat I just wear the blazer, and the hoodie keeps me warm. It’s Rick Owens. The blazer is Tom Ford. I always like to wear a piece of Rick.

That’s so sophisticated. Are those sweatpants?

No, they’re like suede pants, Kanye style. My friend knows him.

And the shoes are Off-White, by Virgil Abloh.

I like what he does, the collaborations.

He designs them with the plastic tags on them. What’s that about?

I’m not sure. I took the tag off my other ones and someone told me I shouldn’t have, so I left them on these.

Bree Zucker

Age: 32

Occupation: contemporary-art dealer

What’s the key to wearing a suit?

It has to be sharp, elegant and well fitted. All the angles should be precise. This is Lanvin. The edge is satin.

Your old-timey tie. Part of me wants to ask you to fix me a gimlet.

I really love Patti Smith, and I’ve been thinking about how to maintain your femininity when you’re in the mix. And this type of tie is the key for me.

The shirt you’re wearing is quite textured.

It’s a Margiela shirt. You have to have contrast, always. So if you’re blocked out, you need to have transparent underneath.

And you’ve got the Margiela cloven-hoof boots.


Billy Cotton

Age: 37

Occupation: interior designer

Like many of the men here, young and old, you’re wearing a suit. Tell me about it.

It’s a brown suit.

I can see that.

It is by an English tailor named Thom Sweeney. It’s custom. My shirts, too. Once you get it right, it’s just so easy.

And this little tuque on your head?

It’s from Uniqlo. I am bald, so I need to keep my head warm, so I usually have a little hat.

Your watch is nice and old. Was it your dad’s?

My dad did give it to me. It’s a vintage Hamilton.

Yolande Milan Batteau

Age: “mid-40s”

Occupation: painter and creative director of Callidus Guild

What are you doing here?

I was invited to make site-specific work for the Veterans Room.

Your dress is velvet.

Silk velvet by Creatures of Comfort. She’s closing, unfortunately. Shoes inspired by Agnes Martin.

You have a lot of gold going on.

There’s a lot of reflectivity, transparency, tactility. I also collect these rings, which are ancient Bactrian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian objects, put into 22-karat gold settings by a Parisian jeweler. I’m not married and every time I got a big project, from Chanel or George Soros, I would buy myself a ring to remarry myself.

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