Weekly horoscope for October 17 – 23: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed
17th October 2021


MAR 21 – APR 20

Maybe you’ve been wondering where to take a work or family situation next – this week, Jupiter’s jump back into the fast lane suggests teamwork prizes can reap rich rewards.

So start putting your personal A-team together.

Love is all about learning and growing, this may not be easy but you should
never doubt its worth. Single? Say yes to a 9am question.

DESTINY DAYS Make your opinions count on Monday, maybe in writing.

Try a new, more colourful style on Wednesday. Stay in on Saturday — let
love come to you.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Set aside regular sessions just for you to do
you – free from criticism or control. Answer all emails ASAP, feel the

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Win big with Jupiter’s new direction, by mixing up
friends and family names and numbers – and going back in time to an
address you once shared with someone so unique.

There can be a place for you in a celebrity world, and a random draw may be the start – but it’s talent that takes you through.

Tune into Mercury’s logical thought processes to assess new partners (work and love) properly before you commit.

Yes, Aries CAN be cautious, and protect your brave but vulnerable self.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Taking a lighter touch to heavy ambitions is your Jupiter gift for the next few months – so start now.

Refuse to let negative voices drag you down, and work on changes one day, and one decision, at a time.

Mercury’s input is a calm overview of health and career, so you see exactly what’s missing, and where to find it.

Love-wise, you’re the zodiac’s hottest sign.

DESTINY DAYS Tuesday is your day to take back words or actions you
regret. Be a good friend on Friday, especially to “H”.

Ask a love favour again on Sunday.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Get up and move, even just a few steps, every hour.

Set a good example to someone younger, especially concerning

LUCK – OR LOGIC? The higher you aim, the better you can succeed, so
yes, you could skip some stages of a qualifying or interview process
thanks to Jupiter’s positive chart gold. But the key is preparation,
including internal confidence – don’t wait for someone else to make this

Meanwhile your career zone gets a boost from Mercury’s new

You can see so far ahead in a workplace and work out a strategy that’s streets ahead of anyone else – even if they’ve been there much longer.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

So many top prospects line up in your chart this week you could have trouble keeping up.

You mix practical and creative skills together in a brilliant business-minded way, for yourself or others.

And should be jumping straight into a new adventure offer linked to “J”.

The godfather planet makes you an amazing learner, and this brings a golden ticket so close.

DESTINY DAYS Wednesday and Thursday are Get Real days when you face
facts and take control, especially at home.

A regular weekend date switches up when you move it to Friday.

Saturday is your sexiest, sultriest, day.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Use words to build bridges, not to break them down.

Look again at a cash strategy, and fill in recent gaps.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Your luckiest contests and moments can be
travel-based, as Jupiter powers full speed ahead.

A dream destination, a snazzy new vehicle, or the chance to reunite with names once so close that are now some distance away – all these can feature in your personal chart.

And you can also nail a tricky practical task.

Mercury, meanwhile, gets a thinking cap on and runs with an unusual, even
eccentric idea — yes, this can link you to Hollywood.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

You can be the calm centre of a family storm thanks to Mercury – as long as this is what you want.

It’s time to factor your own needs into the future as well as everyone else’s.

Meanwhile, Jupiter intensifies your instincts on every level, and you can “read” people and situations like an expert.

And as soon as you see a new love face, you will recognise it.

DESTINY DAYS Wake up on Monday with fresh new optimism about your road ahead.

Answer a message on Thursday if you want to – not because you feel you should.

Spend time just chilling with someone special on Sunday.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Make sure your questions – but especially your answers – are crystal clear.

Accept that people make their own choices, but this needn’t hold you back.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Makeover TV shows can feature on your upcoming luck
profile as Jupiter turns direct – and this time round you will know
exactly what to do.

You can also win with secret recipes, and a new modern take on a traditional activity or alternative healing process.

As Mercury also gets into forward gear, that house-buying or even
building programme can start taking shape.

And a schedule can be shorter than you ever expect.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

This is a week for reaching out – yes, even if you’ve been knocked back before.

Now you have Jupiter’s gifts of charisma but also self-belief.

And you can offer second chances without sidelining your own needs.

Word power gets a Mercury boost, so however long you’ve tried to say or write a message, now it can happen.

The moon sparks a friendship journey.

DESTINY DAYS Tuesday finds you full of one-off ideas – be sure to write
them all down.

Thursday, you can discover a hidden musical skill.

Stay close to “M” on Saturday, you won’t regret it.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Listen carefully to important people, even if you don’t like what you hear.

Believe in your unique skills, and your ability to adapt.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Being in the middle can be your Jupiter luck-finder –
in everything from a family meeting to making a choice of numbers or

You’re the kind of team captain who makes everyone feel valued,
and this is priceless.

And you can strike some incredible bargain deals this week too.

Maybe even a book contract.

As Mercury moves forward again, communication blocks collapse and you can explain situations so well and so calmly – and get everyone back on side.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

So many of the money gaps in your life can be filled now as Mercury spins forward.

And you see the difference between sensible spending and splashing out.

Yes, you can take control and make yourself richer when you do.

Meanwhile, your career chart has Jupiter substance and sparkle – helping you stand out at work even without trying.

Passion connects to “D”.

DESTINY DAYS Test your voice on Tuesday – a singing, or speaking, role
can be up for grabs.

Friday is a day for sharing family feelings.

Keep trying to get the information you need on Saturday.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Act on impulse at least three times – instead
of thinking everything through.

Wear your “best” outfits to brighten up routine days.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Jupiter’s on a roll in your work and wellbeing zone –
so your luck can change in both these areas.

A place could suddenly come up on an exclusive course, so be ready.

But you can also feel the confidence boost coming from inside you – nothing fazes you and you are quietly sure of your skills and your right to succeed.

Mercury also spins forward again, helping you see where you’ve strayed from the right money path, and working out ways to get back on track.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Your chart has a playful edge you’re going to adore this week – as Jupiter helps you shine at work, and stand out at home.

And you have faith again in your own creative and musical ideas – especially if writing something personal is part of this.

Your own sign is down-to-earth, thanks to Mercury, but also ready to dream.

And a role that starts tiny can grow so fast.

DESTINY DAYS Be the bigger person, offer another chance on Tuesday.

Take time out to celebrate love on Wednesday.

Eat little and often at the weekend.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Ask for more time to think, if you’re not sure what to say.

Cut down a To Do list by removing all the favours.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Light, fun and romance are all kissed with new luck by
Jupiter’s positive path.

So you can feel your heart lift, and a long series of passion mistakes can be left in the past.

Drawing, painting or designing are starred for success, and you also write about yourself, and other real people, with unique style.

Your Mercury logic gift is an ability to truly be yourself, and only do and say what you know fits with your view of the future you need.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

A home that’s a prize, or a prize that’s a home – both can hit your star radar as the golden planet ups the stakes.

So do be alerts to adverts, contests and even casual comments that can help you achieve big goals.

The sun’s heading for your own sign, to further boost personal Scorpio heat.

Passion-wise, you’re not easy to wow, but a tall Aries has what it

DESTINY DAYS You’ve got unique presence on Tuesday, to dazzle at a
high-end event.

Note important numbers at least twice on Thursday.

Saturday, your dating profile can be in demand.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Listen to a totally new kind of music, every

Only help a friend if you can do it without judging.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Yes, you could win significant new comforts, or sets
of keys, as Jupiter jumps back into the forward lane.

An address you’ve never forgotten can be part of this.

Using door numbers, or telephone numbers, in contest entries, or as random selections, can also spark success.

Your logical side is not always on show, but Mercury brings it
out this week.

When you apply common sense to what seems like an impossible study dream, suddenly it can be happening.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

With Venus firmly fixed in your own sign this week, you’re the zodiac’s passion magnet – plus you have charm and confidence to take charge of any project or group.

So don’t hesitate to offer your services.

Jupiter’s golden touch gives you a golden tongue and your voice can win prizes, jobs, dates – even a one-in-a-million chance to take the movie world by storm.

DESTINY DAYS Take all invitations seriously on Monday.

Let a friend lead in a cash choice on Thursday.

Spend the weekend reconnecting with an “S” date.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Stop juggling umpteen projects and focus on just one.

Sign up for a course or session that wakes up your love of nature.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Words are more than enough from this week forward as Jupiter hits its planet stride.

So trust yourself to put them together well – and to know when not to speak, or write.

Prizes can link to radio and TV stations, or any place people talk about genuine feelings.

Perhaps on an online forum.

Yes, you’re not known for your logic, or reserved approach.

But now Mercury transforms your mindset into something focused and fair.

You know instantly who to gather round you as you chase ultimate success.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

Try to limit over-thinking, trust more to luck, is your Jupiter masterclass.

So if you sense you’re in too deep at work or in love, you now have ability to get yourself out, maybe create a little distance.

While the mind planet’s forecasting ability helps you make smart choices based on who you want to be, rather than who you are.

Love can start as a project or programme ends.

DESTINY DAYS Learn lessons from your most organised friend, especially
on Tuesday and Thursday.

Make a new fitness list on Wednesday.

Smile back, by firelight, on Saturday.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Rest your stubborn self, become a new
easy-going Capricorn.

Start home or health changes now, instead of waiting for the perfect moment.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? The bigger the cash prizes, the more you feel drawn to
them – as Jupiter sets your sights high, then higher.

So don’t stop where you think you should, stop where feels right.

You’re also in line for extra luck linked to staying loyal – perhaps to former partners, or parents or children at a distance.

Mercury’s contribution to your positive-minded week is a great goal-setting strategy.

Instead of spreading energy too thin, you can focus it, and make it work so well.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

Yes, you’ve had Saturn on form in your own sign since last week – now Jupiter joins in the fun.

You can’t help but radiate positive vibes, as your star mix of
steadiness and sheer excitement kicks in.

Lovers, business partners and new friends will have to get in the queue for time with you!

But your best chart bonus is strength of self-belief that nothing can shake.

DESTINY DAYS Look deep into some green eyes on Monday, you’ll adore
what you see.

Read small print carefully on Tuesday.

Be ready for a switch, of age or address, on Friday.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU…. Dress for success, and hold your head high.

Take charge of your own diet, free from fads or expensive accessories.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? As you experience the positive surge of Jupiter
feelgood in your personal sign, your name or birth date can be the
starting point for so many winning moves.

But it’s the way you meet your own needs, but still find time to others, that makes you a total hit.

Sentences that start with “I” can lead to prizes.

Your Mercury turnaround has a travel basis – even trips you assume wiped off your schedule forever can be back, bigger than ever.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

As Venus puts your love ambitions front and centre, you may be so surprised about who is constantly on your mind.

Because your heart has been hiding a deep truth.

Now you can deal with this.

Jupiter’s natural fairness helps wrap up a bond, or a deal, in the best possible way.

Look closer – new work inspiration is right there in front of you.

DESTINY DAYS Revisit a business proposal on Monday, as something
crucial may have changed.

Say hello to someone reading the same material as you, on Wednesday.

Get yourself on, or back on, a music list on Friday

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Express love honestly, without holding anything back.

Rate your own abilities, and expect the right rewards for them.

LUCK – OR LOGIC? Jupiter’s positive touch falls on your sector of
secrets and dreams, and faces and places you assume are mere fantasy can
start moving towards reality.

But first, you need to separate your own dreams from those of people around you.

A prize is worth so much more when it really means something to you. Mercury’s contribution to your positive new pathway is the ability to overlay emotions with logic – andstop yourself saying or doing impulsive things.

Or putting yourself down, even in fun.

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