Wedding guest blasted for buying a WHITE dress to wear to her pal’s big day
6th March 2019

One of the unwritten rules of a wedding is don’t wear white, but one woman doesn’t appear to have got the memo.

The unnamed guest posted a photo to Wedding Bee asking people what they thought of her outfit choice – a white dress with tiny black polka dots.

She said: “Would a white dress with small black polka dots be okay to wear as a guest?

“It also comes in a black version with white dots.

“Would either of these be appropriate for a guest or should I stay away?”

The response has been overwhelmingly to stay away.

The white version of the dress by Boutique 1861, which costs £21, was deemed far too white, with the polka dots barely visible from far away.

Replying to the woman, one person commented: “No. No no no. NO. How could this possibly be ok?

“It’s A WHITE DRESS lol you can barely see the polka dots.

“Just don’t wear white for one friggen day, it’s not that hard.”

Agreeing, another person wrote: “I wonder how anyone could look at that almost entirely white dress and think it would be a good choice to wear to a wedding, but since you’re asking, NO.

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“Do not wear that dress to any wedding. A black dress with tiny white dots would be fine, depending on the formality of the event.”

A third wrote: “It’s literally ONE day. I find it extremely hard to believe the people who make these posts where white so often that they really can’t find anything else to wear for a wedding.

“Pick one of a billion other colors for one day.”

While the woman was slammed for wanting to wear the white, people have suggested the black dress may be suitable.

This person commented: “A black dress with tiny white dots is fine.

“Just don’t wear a predominantly white dress to a wedding. It’s not that hard.”

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