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15th November 2023

TWO mums who left their jobs to start their own cleaning business have been able to launch their own products thanks to their viral success.

Claire Jenkins, 50, started cleaning houses and holiday lets after she was made redundant 12 years ago.

Four years later she was joined by Hazel Mckinnie, 44, who was looking to earn extra money while working as a carer, but quickly gave it up to throw everything into their business.

The duo worked hard to open their own laundrette and shop in Moffat, Dumfriesshire, called The Laundry Room, in 2020.

Claire and Hazel, who each have two sons, quickly rose to fame after going viral with their top cleaning hacks on TikTok (@theweescottycleaners) – with their videos earning them millions of views.

And now the mums have been so successful that they have officially launched their very own cleaning product – a Pro Glass Cleaner that leaves the perfect streak-free finish.

They worked closely alongside a Scottish chemical laboratory for months to create the best solution – and one of the ingredients is Fairy Up Liquid, which they swear by.

Not only does it clean glass, but it also works a dream on tiles, showers and high-gloss worktops.

At £14.95 a bottle, some have said that they could get a cheaper cleaning solution from stores like B&M and The Range.

However, Claire and Hazel have said that this one bottle could clean an average-sized home for a full YEAR.

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All you need to do is add 5ml to a spray bottle full of water and it's good to go.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, Claire, originally from Kirkintilloch, said: "We started pulling it together in April. This is our first one and the rest will follow. But who would have thought it!?

Hazel, originally from Larkhall, added: "We're just two ordinary girls who started cleaning for a living and make a buck or two and now we've ended up with our own business, we thrive, everything we touch we just… we work at it and it works."

Claire carried on: "We've not even had a chance to be nervous because we've been so busy but sometimes it's like 'is this real?' – it's like this amazing dream."

The girls, who designed their own logo from scratch, said: "It costs £14.95 and the bottle will last a whole year on an average size house.

"We have gone to a Scottish chemical laboratory, and have worked alongside them to make this streak-free finish even when the sun is shining – and one of the ingredients is washing up liquid."

The duo shared their new product in a recent TikTok clip – and it's gone down a storm with fans, with a dozen bottles flying off the shelves within the first hour of its launch.

In the video on Friday, Claire said: "It's getting launched today! There are 1,000 bottles in our stock, so you better grab it fast because we have had hundreds of messages from people".

Hazel added: "It's a pro-glass cleaner and it lifts dirt and grease off anything. It removes dirt, grease and leaves it totally streak-free.

"So you can use it on anything shiny – high-gloss worktops, tiles, glass, windows, showers, mirrors… You name it, you can use this."

She carried on: "Not only that but this whole bottle will last you a long, long time 'cause you only need 5ml or 10ml to dilute it with your water and then you just put it in your wee spray bottle."

Fans quickly flocked to the comments to share their excitement at the new pro cleaner.

One person said: "Yay got it! Can’t wait".

Another added: "Just ordered this product – can't wait".

Someone else wrote: "Woop woop finally" with an applauding emoji.

And a fourth chimed in: "This solution release is greatly anticipated!!"

Anyone looking to buy the solution can do so on TikTok shop.

It comes after we told how the mums often get a lot of nasty comments from "jealous trolls" – but don't have time for their negativity.

They said that they only focus on positivity and refuse to spend any time on the comments.

Hazel said: "You get jealousy anywhere you go – because we're going so well at the minute there's a lot of jealousy out there and a lot of trolling.

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"Some people don't realise how hard we work. Yeah, we have nice lifestyles and stuff like that but we work 24/7 and we barely have a day off.

"We do get trolled with a lot of negativity but we try not to bother about it. We don't like any negativity."

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