Toasted tortilla wraps are the hot new lockdown food trend & even Mrs Hinch is a fan – here’s how you make them
10th January 2021

TOASTED tortilla wraps are the hot new lockdown food trend sweeping social media.

You can customise the wrap with whatever you want – from chicken nuggets in one case to Nutella in another – with each quarter of the wrap being given a different ingredient before being popped in the toaster of panini plate. Now we reveal (thanks to Scot mum Julie Meek) how to do it:

Step one:

Slice it into four pieces:

Step two:

Start adding what you want (in this case Nutella!)

The mum, who posts regular videos doing challenges with her kids, decided to take on the 'tortilla trend' this week.

In the clip, Julie cuts a radial slice from the middle of the wrap to the edge.

The mum then takes a packet of Nutella from a heart-shaped dish on the counter, and spreads a dollop across one quarter of the tortilla.

Step three:

Add more delicious treats – such as marshmallows

Step four:

Fold the four sides over onto one another – then pop it into a toasted sandwich maker

She then added mini marshmallows, more chocolate spread and some juicy strawberries to the remaining sections.

Julie quickly folds the tortilla, quarter-by-quarter, combining the scrumptious sections into one incredible tasty triangle.

The video, captioned 'Dessert time', is set to dance classic Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay.

The clip has been viewed over 3.5million times on TikTok, and liked around 175,000 times.

The viral reaction to her incredible clip has inspired Julie and her delighted kids to try more tasty tortilla treats.

The next night, she created a pizza wrap with tomato, cheese, pepperoni and chicken, with the creation raking in around 1.4million views.

And, in true Scottish fashion, she made a breakfast wrap yesterday morning, complete with square sausage, tattie scone, a fried egg and tomato ketchup.

Meanwhile other stars have also shared pictures of themselves eating the wraps – inlcluding Mrs Hinch.

Now we're about to go off to the kitchen to make one!

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