Thrifty couple transform drab garden into dream outdoor space with epic DIY decking job & it saved them over £1,000
27th June 2021

A CREATIVE couple renovated their back garden into a stunning decking area.

The DIY pair even saved themselves £1,000 by sourcing the materials and doing the work for themselves.

Lauren and Mike, both 27, were keen to transform their stone backyard into a lovely patio with seating.

The Kent-based couple bought their home in 2019 and refurbished the inside before turning their attentions to the garden this year.

Lauren told "For months we were undecided on what to do with such an awkward space, and digging up the concrete base wasn't an option.

"We decided to replace it with decking and use the base as a guide to how that would be designed."

Seeing that decking kits cost at least £1,500 online, the couple decided to go it alone and source the supplies themselves.

They purchased the wood for £900 from a builder's merchants and started by digging up the garden and chopping down the trees.

They ordered grass seeds for the lawn and deliberately choose the best quality they could explaining that they picked "the type they use on football pitches".

They adding fencing to both sides of the space to smarten it up.

They drafted in friends at points to help out with bigger jobs but the whole thing took two-three weeks in total.

Lauren said: 'The furniture came from Laura James online and we paid £650 – it has since gone up to £750 so we've saved £100!' 

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, estimated the savvy couple saved themselves £1,000 by tackling the project themselves and by drafting in friends to help out.

He said: "What with the £600 saving on the decking supplies, £100 off the furniture, £400 or more from labour costs and £100 saved on a tree surgeon, the couple has easily saved over £1000 by going DIY, so well done to them!"

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