This Simple Feature Is Turning a Classic Cloth Gaiter Into the 'Perfect' Face Mask Alternative
6th August 2020

It’s time to get comfortable wearing protective face masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to encourage people to cover up their nose and mouth to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, and many states have mandated the use of some sort of protective covering while in a public place indoors. So, we repeat: It’s time to get comfortable wearing face masks, and that means finding one that’s, well, comfortable.

Tons of brands have shifted gears to produce comfy (and stylish) cloth face masks, but Amazon continues to be the place to shop an impressive assortment of both kid and adult options, especially in a time crunch. Disposable options are ample, but if you’re looking for a long-term solution that’s more eco-friendly, reusable face masks are the way to go. Gaiters are also emerging as top cloth mask alternatives, thanks to their breathable, full-coverage design, and there’s one popular style in particular that has shoppers singing its praises: the Lolong Neck Gaiter. And once you uncover its secret feature, you, too, will be propelled to buy it.

Upon first glance, Lolong’s top-rated breathable neck gaiter may look like any ol’ gaiter. It’s got that full length, drapey design that loosely fits around the entire face. It’s also made from the lightweight material that makes gaiters a popular choice this time of year. But a closer look reveals that it’s actually not like any old gaiter thanks to game-changing ear loops that keep it securely in place all day long.

Buy It! Lolong Neck Gaiter with Ear Loops, $15.99;

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