This Puffer Jacket on Amazon Has a Hidden Feature That Makes It So Much Cozier
10th December 2020

There are so many winter accessories to keep track of when you’re braving cold weather. Before you step outside, you’ll need a hat, a scarf, gloves, a face mask . . . the list goes on. Sometimes it can feel like you have too many items and not enough hands, which is where the Bellivera Quilted Puffer Jacket comes into play. The jacket’s fuzzy high collar serves as a built-in scarf, meaning you’ll have one fewer accessory to juggle (and possibly misplace).

This key detail not only streamlines your outfit, but also provides additional warmth thanks to its plush, faux-fur material that covers your neck. For just $50, the puffer jacket comes in 11 colors (including black, purple, and red), and is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Plus, the coat has a cotton fill that adds extra warmth without the added bulk; reviewers say it has a “sleek look.” It even has fleece-lined pockets for warming your hands — and possibly rendering your gloves obsolete, too.

Buy It! Bellivera Quilted Puffer Jacket, $46.99–$49.69;

Shoppers are delighted by all of the jacket’s functional features, like cinch straps and elasticized cuffs for wind protection, and you can easily adjust the fit with one of the many metal zippers. There’s even a retractable, double-layer hood tucked away in the coat collar, and it’s so well-hidden that some reviewers say they missed it altogether at first. Factor in the puffer jacket’s hand-warmer pockets, high collar, and built-in hood, and you could leave the house with very few additional cold-weather accessories needed.

The Bellivera Quilted Puffer Jacket has earned hundreds of five-star ratings and has quietly become an Amazon best-seller. Shoppers note that the jacket is warm enough to wear while skiing or snowboarding, as well as during cold winters in places like Alaska, Wyoming, and Illinois. They recommend sizing up, especially if you want to layer thick sweaters underneath.

“I absolutely love this jacket because it fits perfectly, and is super comfortable and warm,” one reviewer writes. “The inner cuff on the sleeves to keep the wind out is genius.”

Another reviewer adds, “This is a beautiful jacket for the price. The stitching is precise with no loose threads, and the cut is very flattering. I like the longer length that falls below the hips, and that the pockets have a pleather trim that adds a touch of style.”

If you’re looking for an affordable winter jacket that won’t weigh you down, the Belivera Quilted Puffer Jacket fits the bill. Just don’t delay: The $50 jacket is already selling out in some colors and sizes.

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