This '90s-Inspired Jewelry Brand Is the Next Best Thing to Delia*s Coming Back
13th July 2021

Still heartbroken over the loss of the planned Lizzie McGuire reboot, I've found comfort in knowing that many of the youthful trends I once adored are coming back around. Gossip Girl has returned, skorts are apparently cool again, and as a grown adult with my own allowance of sorts, I can finally purchase the '90s accessories I always dreamed of owning. My great quest through nostalgia led to me Frasier Sterling, an accessories brand making colorful chokers, fun accent rings, and more.

Founded by Frasier Lipton, the handmade jewelry company makes trendy '90s pieces that I can't get enough of. My favorites so far include a synthetic pearl choker, an oversized gold ring adorned with a sparkly mushroom, and a pair of smiley face earrings.

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Every piece is carefully crafted, and the tiny details — including glittery accents, colorful string, and bits of beading — made each item feel totally unique. Although many of the accessories are inspired by an earlier era, there's a moderness to the design, and I found the items easy to incorporate into my current wardrobe. The gold rings served as a fun accent to a summer dress, while I paired the choker with a tank top. Statement jewelry, no matter the decade, remains a popular way of accessorizing, and these pieces gave my outfit a perfect pop of something fun.

When it comes to creating your own '90s-inspired fashion moment, Lipton suggested looking back to some of the biggest celebrity names. "Nineties style was the epitome of cool and that's why it continues to influence modern fashion in such a major way," she tellsInStyle. "The decade birthed fashion icons like Posh Spice, Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and JLo—these girls exuded 'effortlessly chic' energy. I think we all aim to channel that '90s cool vibe."

I may have missed out on my chance to sit at the popular table, but thanks to a continued love for all things '90s, I can create my own timeless version of these fashionable trends as an adult. Add some of the funky and fun pieces from Frasier Sterling to your outfit of the day and pick up a few of my favorite pieces below.

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Shop now: $25,

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