These celebs' partners are young enough to be their daughters – can you guess who's the girlfriend and who's the child?
2nd July 2020

THEY say age is just a number… and it certainly is if these celebs are anything to go by.

Rocky actor Dolph Lundgren, 62, was trolled this week after announcing his engagement to his 24-year-old fiancée as fans claimed she "looks like his daughter".

But he's not the only celebrity who has shocked fans with his choice of a much-younger partner.

From Rowan Atkinson to Bernie Ecclestone – these male stars are all coupled up with much younger women.

In fact some of their girlfriends are even YOUNGER than their own daughters.

So out of these family photos, can you tell who is the daughter and who is the partner?

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone may be 89 but that's not stopped him in the bedroom.

The Formula One tycoon's wife Fabiana Flosi, 44, yesterday gave birth to his fourth child, baby boy Ace – three months before he hits 90.

Brazilian beauty Fabiana met billionaire Bernie in 2009 at the World Motor Sport Council and – despite the 45-year age gap – the relationship set in motion from there.

Bernie has three other daughters – Deborah, 65, from his first marriage to Ivy, and Tamara, 36, and Petra, 31, both from his second marriage to Croatian model Slavica.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson may be best known for his work as Mr Bean, but the actor is also known for having a partner three decades his junior.

Louise Ford, 36, is almost 30 years younger than Rowan, 65, but the pair say the age difference has never become an issue for them.

The star met fellow actress Louise in 2013 when they both starred in Quartermaine’s Terms in the West End and now have daughter together Isla together, aged two.

But baby Isla is not the only daughter that the actor has – he is dad to Lily Atkinson, 25.

John Cleese

John Cleese revealed he 'finally got it right' with his fourth wife Jennifer Wade, 47 – and there's a 33-year age gap between them.

Having Jennifer by his side must be keeping him on his toes as the Fawlty Towers star – who has a 36-year-old daughter, Camilla – admitted he still feels young despite being 80.

Talking about his 80th birthday last October he said: "80! I can't believe that. No [I don't feel grown up] not at all.

"I feel about 43. I wish I was 43. I know so much more about how the world works now."

Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin rocker Jimmy Page made headlines when he began dating a woman 46 years younger than him back in 2014.

But the musician, 76, and his poet girlfriend Scarlett Sabet, 30, have always defended their 'amazing' relationship – although Scarlett admitted she felt a 'sense of shame'when the pair first started dating.

In a recent interview with Tatler, Scarlett said: "I guess some people will say I’ve made an unusual choice.

"At the time it felt very uncomfortable.

"I felt like my life was going to be over. I had such a sense of shame about the whole thing."

But Scarlett Sabet isn't the only Scarlett in the rocker's life… he also has a daughter named Scarlett, who at 49, is 19 years older than her dad's girlfriend.

Bruce Willis

Bruce met model wife Emma Heming back in 2007 and fell in love with each other across a 23-year age gap.

The happy couple, 65 and 42, married in Beverly Hills in 2009 and welcomed their first daughter together, Mabel, in 2012, and second child Evelyn in 2014.

But Bruce hasn't got just the two girls to look out for – he has another three daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26, who he had with ex-wife Demi Moore.

But Emma's youthful looks mean that she could easily be part of Bruce's daughters squad herself.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster recently celebrated 20 years of marriage – which is still fewer years than the 26-year age gap between them.

Rocker Rod, 75, gushed over wife Penny, 49, on social media recently as he reflected on their two-decade relationship.

He said: "They have not invented the words for how I feel about her. She is everything."

He added that she helped him understand the importance of a long and happy marriage, as he confessed: "It took me a while to learn, because I have been a scallywag in the past."

But glamorous Penny could easily be mistaken for one of Rod's daughters, as can be seen from the below photos.

Billy Joel

American singer Billy Joel smashed the charts with his hit song Uptown Girl back in 1983 – when his future wife was a one-year-old baby.

The musician, 71, and his wife Alexis Roderick, 38, started dating in 2009 and married in 2015.

Now parents to Della Rose, four, and Remy Anne, two, the pair are well in tune with parenthood.

Here's Billy with his eldest daughter, Alexa Ray, 34, who he shares with ex Christie Brinkley – but would you know which is daughter Alexa and which is wife Alexis?

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